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Design story behind the product
No matter how old you are, being a refugee might turn you into a child in an adult’s body. You won’t know the language, the manners, or even how to greet someone on the street. In any case, your childhood will be the only constant memory you will carry. At reflect, we direct our attention to the art workshops we run with refugee children. We consider these workshops to be the most inspiring part of our design process.  The embroideries on this t-shirt are the drawings of the kids who participated in our expressive workshops. Directions for use: Think about it - what would you do if you’d be a child in another life?

Unisex, oversize style.
Male model is 1.75 cm - Wearing size M
Female model is 1.75 cm - Wearing size M

Product description
Short-sleeved sweatshirt with 360-degree rotating embroidery of children's drawings.
Made from 100% certified organic cotton.
Sustainably produced in Turkey.
Machine wash at 30 degrees. 
Don't bleach, don't tumble dry and don't dry clean. 
Wash less for the environment.