TL 195 TRY

Design story behind the product
“You are the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn
The truth is, the people we surround ourselves with are able to shape us, our thoughts, our behaviours, our routines, our habits. We transform into those people we spend the most time with. Moreover, these people do not even need to be our friends, they do not even need to live. We can surround ourselves with the books, videos, music, articles of the people we want to spend time with. We sewed the number “5” as a patch on our t-shirt to always remind us of this very basic view when deciding whom we want to spend the most time with.

Unisex, relaxed fit.
Male model is 1.87 cm - Wearing size L
Female model is 1.78 cm - Wearing size S

Product description
An everyday essential.
"5" patch embroidered on front-left.
Flatlock stitched on shoulders, trims and hem.
100% organic, soft cotton. 
Sustainably produced in Turkey. 
Machine wash at 30 degrees.
Don't bleach, don't tumble dry and don't dry clean.
Wash less for the environment.