TL 105 TRY TL 150 TRY

Design story behind the product
What would you do if the only obstacle against your new life were barbed wire? What would happen to your body and your loved one’s bodies? Directions for use: Watch out for the razor wire. In collection You Made It, reflect reaches the stories behind the walls and the borders. Rather than facts and numbers telling us about the refugee crisis, reflect studio believes in the power of human stories. Instead of standing idly by the undergoing struggle of displaced people, reflect asks the question: What would you do if it happens to you in the near future? Rather than being sorry - can we learn something from the stories of the refugees? Could we also make it?

Unisex, oversize style.
Male model is 1.75 cm - Wearing size M
Female model is 1.75 cm - Wearing size M

Product description
100% organic cotton.
Single razor-wire embroidery with 360-degree wrap around the neck, 5 red scar embroideries on the back. 
Machine wash at 30 degrees.
Don't bleach, don't tumble dry and don't dry clean.
Wash less for the environment.