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Design story behind the product
Can language become an obstacle, just like borders and fences? If you are a refugee and don’t speak the language - yes, it can. Language is the initial barrier separating the refugees from their new countries. First to connect with the community then to communicate with others, language is the first piece of cloth that refugees reverse and put on. At reflect, we direct our attention to the art workshops we run with refugee children. We consider these workshops to be the most inspiring part of our design process. The “abcde” on both sides is written down by a child who participated in one of our expressive art workshops. We aim to provide children a tool other than language to express themselves. Directions for use: Reverse this garment inside out to experience the language conflict.

Unisex, oversize style.
Male model is 1.75 cm - Wearing size M
Female model is 1.75 cm - Wearing size M

Product description
Double-sided short-sleeved sweatshirt with Latin letters on one side and Arabic letters embroidered on the other.
100% organic cotton.
Machine wash at 30 degrees.
Don't bleach, don't tumble dry and don't dry clean.
Wash less for the environment.