23°50′46″N 90°15′27″E

TL 365 TRY

Design story behind the product
On April 24, 2013, at 23°50′46″N 90°15′27″E in Bangladesh, a building collapsed, killing 1,138 people and injuring another 2,500. The Rana Plaza building had five garment factories all manufacturing for big global brands. No one should die for fashion. It is an unforgettable tragedy, but an avoidable one. And it starts with you. Be curious about the story behind your clothes. Ask yourself: “Who made my clothes?” As a remembrance, the back of the hoodie is embroidered with the disaster's coordinates.

Unisex, slightly oversized style, based on men's sizing.
Male model is 1.87 cm - Wearing size M
Female model is 1.78 cm - Wearing size S

Product description
Cut out from super soft cardigan fabric.
Black on black embroidery on the back.
Reflector line detail on the hood. 
100% organic cotton.
Machine wash at 30 degrees.
Don't bleach, don't tumble dry and don't dry clean.
Wash less for the environment.