Reflect for Fashion Brands

One of our primary goals is to help transform the fashion industry to sustainable and transparent production methods and the biggest impact will be accomplished by existing fashion brands choosing sustainability over conventional methods. This is why we have a dedicated team to help companies source affordable and environmentally friendly textiles in Turkey. 

Biggest Sustainable Production Network

reflect studio is the first and only sustainable clothing company from Turkey. We worked very hard and made incredible research to get in touch with every sustainable textile producer in the country as well as fair trade certificated ateliers. We found the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible way of producing distinct kinds of garments and we are thrilled to share it with other brands. We are currently in touch with 12 cotton producers, 83 fabric producers, 18 ateliers and 2 recycling facilities. We have the capacity to produce any item the most efficient way.

Radical Transparency Establishes Trust

At Reflect studio, we believe every company should be transparent about their production methods and the impacts of their products, especially the industries that pollute the environment and have the biggest greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, textile is one of the worst industries, and also one of the most opaque. We intend to change that. 

Starting in 2018 ,we implemented a product passport program that gives our customers access to each stage of production that the products have gone through. From the person who collected the cotton to where it is packaged, our customers know how their product is made and what impacts it has on the environment and the people.

On the right: Example of QR pages

We are opening our passport program to the companies that source from us as well. You can use our QR codes, or create your own that link directly to your website with your brands' visual identity attached.