Reflect For Organizations

Organizations purchase thousands of items every year beyond their field of expertise, whether to to give out to members, employees, or customers.

On the left: Bags for EspressoLab

We make it possible for companies to choose items that are sustainable, better looking, higher quality, and more reflective of their company ethos than conventional methods, in order to turn useless items into powerful marketing tools. We make products for you that are beautiful, sustainable, and 100% transparent.

Sustainability Made Easy

One of the biggest reasons why companies and organizations choose conventionally-produced items over sustainable ones is the lack of availability. We make it convenient and easy to access any product you need:

1. You can choose from our catalogue or tell us specifically what you want

2. Our designers can customize anything according to your brand identity

3. Receive your sustainably sourced, locally produced, and Fair Trade certified merchandise within one week.

Transparency At Its Best

Every Reflect product comes with a “passport” containing all the information on how that product is produced, by whom, under what conditions, with all the certificates and reports on how it impacts society and the environment in comparison to conventional methods. Users can scan a QR code to receive this information and companies can use the metrics in their communications.