"Breeze" is a lighting tool designed by Xinyue Yang. This product takes it's reference from the relationship between human and fire as a source of light. In her words " It replicates the natural experience of lighting a fire". She used a microphone as a sensor,  and coding while designing the product.

Three characteristics of fire are conveyed in this product: it can become brighter with a certain amount of wind, it can be blown out with a slightly more amount of wind and it can be transferred (like the Olympian Fire).

This approach towards design impresses us the most; the kind which involves analogy and uses it as a design input. The objective becomes more than just designing a tool, but also conveying an experience and story through it.

Adding on to the function and making the object storyful is the part of design which triggers a thought in people, and the starting point of this can be something as simple as lighting a fire. The complexity begins when you start thinking about how you would convey the message. 

For more information, visit Xinyue Yang's website.