A collaboration that encourages future generations with Allianz

In December 2017, the global insurance and asset management company Allianz initiated the ‘Encouraging Future Generations’ program, seeking social entrepreneurs looking to empower children and youth in four countries.

As one of the start-ups in participating in the program, we developed a unique tote bag in collaboration with Allianz for the special final day, where the company brought together a diverse group of stakeholders in Munich to talk about “Encouraging Future Generations”. 

 We created a Tyvek beach bag for this special event to help Allianz spread its message.

A collaboration that encourages future generations, this tote bag’s design takes it’s inspiration from our art therapy workshops held with Syrian refugee children living in Istanbul.

Through painting with yarn, children played with colours; creating an independent space for themselves, discovering their own surroundings and movements. The drawings were then reflected onto bags made of Tyvek material.