Better Care

As Reflect we want you to use our products as long as possible, thus reduce waste and minimize consumption and carbon footprint. While choosing reflect you already made a step forward for long-lasting and sustainable products however it is crucial to know how to take care of your garments and making them last even longer.

Also your actions with the use of your garments are vital for the environment. Don’t forget; only a quarter of the total greenhouse gasses of an items lifecycle, are emitted during the production process. The rest is mostly washing, drying and wasting it.

Check out our guide to help you reduce the environmental impact and make your product last longer.


90% of our clothing is thrown away long before it needs to be, due frequent laundry habits. Most of the time just airing your garment airing a couple of wear os is enough for keeping it clean. Even if there are stains, try spot cleaning instead of throwing your garment to the washing machine. Washing and drying 5 kg of laundry every 2 days creates nearly 440 kg of carbon dioxide emissions in a year. Change in simple cleaning habits can overcome this.


Follow the instructions on the care label carefully.

Go for low temperatures. Wash your clothing in lower temperatures (30°C). Boiling your clothes often reduces the quality, thus the life of your garment.

Group and sort. Make sure you sort your garments carefully when using the washing machine. Different colours and fabrics are likely to harm one another.

Use eco-friendly detergants. We recommend using Frosch washing products.

Skip the dryer. Skipping the dryer not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also keeps your garments in good shape. Always choose to air dry your clothes.

Take care of stains immediately. All of our materials are natural, thus absorbence in very high. That is why the longer you wait the harder it will get to eliminate the stain. There is no universal procedure for all stain, so read up for the type of your stain and act fast.


Fixing Small holes; 

Small holes are one the most widely encountered problems in textile industry. It may occur from many reasons ranging from unsolved detergent to getting hooked to something pointy. We understand this issue and decided to ship every garment from Reflect with a fusing paper to fix small holes.

Step 1: Cut 2 small pieces of fusing paper, one of them bigger than the other.

Step 2: Turn the t-shirt inside out and place the small paper on the hole and second slightly bigger fusing paper on top on the small one.

Step 3: Put a piece of fabric on paper to prevent it to stuck on the iron.

Step 4: Iron the area for 1 minute, repeat if necessary. Your damaged item needs to be usable after this implementations.